For many parents, sending their kids away, especially at a young age can be a little bit daunting! How on earth could a parent possibly send their young, little grade 3 child away for 4 whole nights?

Somers camp is 100% based around community and involvement of all its participants, leaders campers, slushies and volunteers. Children immediately belong to two key groups from the minute they arrive on camp. Their Hut Group is made up of around 20 kids of the same age and gender and 5 leaders. Their Study/Activity Group includes 10 kids and 3 leaders of mixed ages and genders with whom they participate in majority of the camp activities, as well as a daily bible study, mealtime duty and a concert performance. We work year-round to assure your children will feel a sense of belonging and inclusion with their hut and study group, as well as camp as a whole.

As a parent, I am always careful about my children’s safety.  This camp impresses me with its trained and mentored leadership team and with the way they care for each individual child, no matter what the issues or support needed.  Every child feels special and safe here because every leaders feels special and safe.  When you invest in the leadership team and support them, that always filters down to the children in their care – the creative and exciting activities, the way they are willing to share their Christian faith, and the way they model a great way to live in treating each other with respect and care.  And the children always enjoy the food!

Claire Dawe (Parent and Camp Mum)

All of our leaders are volunteers who undertake compulsory leadership training, and hold a current Victorian ‘Working With Children’s Check’ card. Campers will find the leaders approachable and relatable. Almost all of our leaders were campers and slushies themselves, and have come back to lead with the hope of inspiring the next generation of campers to continue the Somers spirit. From the kids who are shy and unsure, to the kids who are loud and dominant, there is always a number of leaders around to ensure everyone is having a fantastic time, kept safe and feels a part of the Somers family.

Fees for this years camp are:
$215 for Slushies (Year 10), and $250 for both primary and secondary school campers.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.