So I’m too old to be a camper at Somers, but it sounds so awesome. What else can I do to get involved?

As a camper I thought Somers was IT. Now as a leader, Somers is IT and a bit and a little bit more. I get to enjoy the camp the way I did as a camper, and also have the awesome experience of helping to lead too. I’m counting down the days!

– Emily Crisp (Somers Leader)

Anyone who is in Year 11 or older can apply to be a volunteer leader. All of our leaders receive leadership training including a weekend long retreat of instruction, preparation and team building. We have a great mentor program where our junior leaders are paired up with an experienced leader to guide them through their first few years of leadership.

Other volunteer positions include assisting in the kitchen, assisting with networking and connections to churches. Otherwise there is always to opportunity to contribute financially. See our donations information page for more information.

Leadership positions for 2022 are currently closed.
Stay tuned to our facebook page for news about applications!

Somers Camp is a child and youth safe organisation committed to the protection of children and young people. All successful applicants will be carefully screened.