WARNING: Somers Camp can be addictive! Once you’ve been once, you’ll find yourself crossing off the days till next year!

A day at Somers is packed full of amazing games and activities, the best friends you’ll ever meet, delicious food and the loudest, silliest mealtimes you’ve ever experienced.

You’re holidays will never be boring again. For 5 awesome days you get to belong to a huge, crazy and loving family and it doesn’t stop there!!

Somers is exciting, inspiring, memorable and life changing

– Jill Hough (former camper)

Somers Camp runs heaps of events during the year, including youth groups in 5 locations and other fun events.
Plus Somers has a Facebook group and of course this website, so staying in touch with your Somers friends is easy!

Want to know more? Check out our videos, or ask about Somers events in your area!

Stay tuned for the Somers crew to visit YOUR area soon!