Welcome Former Leaders!

You’ve been invited to come to Carnival Night! Like last year we have a catch up on the Wednesday night of Somers. Basically we miss having you guys around and wanted a way of making sure you have a place in the Somers community.

So What is Carnival Night? Well, it’s a new activity which involves Carnival Games, a Fire Twirling display, a disco, face painting and generally a lot of fun. We’d love to have you along to help run some of these activities!

It will be on Wednesday 30th June. This year we are having dinner with the rest of camp if you can make it on time. Dinner is at 6.00. The activities start at 7.30, so you’ll need to be at the campsite by at least 7.

What do I need?

Bringing yourself is just fine. If you have something fun and carnivally to wear bring that too. Bring a smile, and be ready to host a game or activity!

As far as the boring legal stuff goes we need:

  • an image of your Working with Children Check. You’ll need to bring it on the day as well. If you don’t have one or it has expired you’ll need to renew it in time for camp. We have the images saved if you came last year.
  • You’ll need to be familiar with our code of conduct (we’ll get you to sign one when you get to camp).

It’s going to be an amazing night and we really hope you’ll come and see for yourselves! There are limited spaces available so get in fast to secure a spot.

If you have any questions contact Jack on 0497 794 133 or jackclarke545@gmail.com